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Weapons of Choice:

World of Warcraft

Smolderthorn: Horde

Bolg - Hunter

Mormir - Priest

Bolger - Warlock

Bolgrad - Warrior

Naen - Paladin

Bolgage - Mage

Bolgopedia - Mage

Bolglud - Rogue

Bolgrid - Druid

Bolgrin - Shaman



WarCraft 3



General Information:

Bolg comes to us from the Great Northwest. I met him through my brother who met him at OSU. Bolg has been a great addition to the squad.

(11:16:18) bl00k: more noobification of Azeroth. Tons of new GY's to make grinding easier.
(11:16:59) b0lg: good news
(11:19:44) b0lg: in our case we don't have to wait as long to kill a noob again
(11:20:04) bl00k: hahahaha



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